About the DTMG

The Dutch Travel Media Group is a joined cooperation of the two largest travel media publishers and their own GSA.

Our Story

In 1992, founder Tom van Apeldoorn started publishing a weekly b2b magazine for the travel industry: TravelPro (then called Reisburo Actueel). While competing with his then biggest competitor TravMedia, for over 25 years TravelPro was one of the leading b2b media platforms in the Netherlands.

In 2014 the team at TravelPro had an idea to start their own GSA: TravelGSA. This company was founded as the TravelPro team found more and more foreign (and also domestic) touristic companies who were looking for PR services, marketing advice and sales guidance. And having experience with several other GSA's in the Netherlands, TravelGSA was born.

Then in November of 2015, a huge opportunity was presented to the Van Apeldoorn family. Their biggest competing travel publisher, TravMedia, was ready to be acquired.


The family succeeded, they acquired TravMedia and then changed the name into TRAVel Media without losing any of the projects. Hence, the Dutch Travel Media Group was born. The largest privately owned travel media joined cooperation in the Netherlands, with two weekly magazines supported by numerous online channels, events, an e-learning and several B2C publications supported by their very own GSA. A unique combination of B2B and B2C media, with the most recently added titles Business Traveller Voyago.nl.